by Awna Teixeira



"I’ll go as far as to say…….. WHERE THE DARKNESS GOES is the album that Nanci Griffith and Dolly Parton have both been trying to produce for several years and Awna Teixeira has taken the first steps on the ladder to emulate their success." 5/5 No Depresson/Maverick Magazine UK 2012/13

"A bag of riches from Po' Girl front-woman! Teixeira’s voice is a delightfully gentle instrument; like the elfin sister of Emmylou Harris and Stevie Nicks." 4/5 Americana UK 2012

"It is safe to say there is no one else quite like Awna, with her quirky take on roots music that combines highlonesome ‘hillbilly’ music with folk and probably more than a nod to her Portugese roots, the only addition that can really explain this unique rootsy amalgamate of beautiful sounds." 5/5 American Roots UK 2012


released September 6, 2012

Album Credits
All songs were written by Awna Teixeira in Victoria BC, Toronto & Sunderland Ontario, Mimbres Hot Springs Ranch, New Mexico, Salt Lake City & Moab Utah, Montreal QC, Chicago IL, In the back of the van somewhere in the UK.

Engineered by Zach Goheen at Minbal studios - www.minbal.com - Chicago, IL
Produced by awna teixeira & zach goheen
Mixed by Zach Goheen & awna teixeira
Mastered by JJ Golden - www.goldenmastering.com - Ventura, California

Cover painting by Julia Chandler - Salt Lake City, Utah
Inside photos by Awna Teixeira and Rebecca Kemp
Album design by Awna Teixeria
Album layout by Rebecca Kemp

© Awna Teixeira 2012 All Rights Reserved SOCAN Canada www.hazytales.me



all rights reserved


Awna Teixeira Toronto, Ontario

Portuguese-Canadian, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist Awna Teixeira has finally released her debut solo album"Where The Darkness Goes". Since 2001, Awna has toured all over the world in different bands including one of Canada's favourites, Po'Girl. She now has a wonderful collection of music to show for it! Writing, singing and performing on Accordion, Banjo, Guitar, Ukulele and stomp box. ... more

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Track Name: Stand Tall
by the sails upon the water, we move around the world.
by the songs we sing and dance we move around the world

there's a light in your eyes when you can see when you can see the sun
there's a dream in your heart when you believe when you believe in us
we can all fall from grace when the clouds come down on us
and we can all stand tall with an army of love

by the threads we weave we braid we wish upon the stars
by the seeds we plant we pray we wish upon the stars

by the hands of all our children we can break beyond the walls
by the silence in time we listen we can break beyond the walls
Track Name: Minha Querida
she's the fire she is the thief
she is the trouble that stumbles way down to the ground.
high up above the sky you fly you fly

she's a diamond she's a dream
she is the wonder that brings you down to your knees
high up above the sky you fly you fly

o meu coração- o my heart
você é meu sonho- you are my dream
minha querida -my dear

i cannot speak the bells they ring
through the bellows the birds will sing
move your body feel the fever
and burn your troubles down

with fire in your lovers eyes
with fire in you can't deny
holds you over takes you under
finds you when you down
Track Name: Where The Darkness Goes
lovely days to come
looking back on all the years
under the sun
flowers in the grass
growing like all the little things you love

i believe in miracles
where the darkness goes

worn out old shoes
walking around the world looking for
taken by surprise
she's got just the touch
you've been dreaming of

she's got eyes of the night
she can see right through the heart of you
so don't try to hide
you might as well let the wise be wise

you got your heart in a bind
you let your mind take away the best of you
but you're not going to leave this time
searching for the fire in your eyes
Track Name: Some Kind Of Dream
saturday saturday
with you would be so lovely
model of the stars in your eyes and i will wait for it
we can go we can go
down to the water quarry
birds are flying high in the sky and they all sing for us
i believe every crazy thing that you say
i believe every single word of it

that you fly high above the clouds every morning
and all our thoughts are made of cinnamon and twine
we all need something to believe
we all need some kind of dream
when our world is falling apart

i don't want you to ever go away
there are fairytales in these mountains mountains
we can stay here in these fairytales all the stories told
we are mountains mountains

i believe every crazy thing that you say
i believe every single word of it
there is a place where nobody knows
all the pain and the sorrow
we all need something to believe
we all need some kind of dream
when our world is falling apart
Track Name: Faden
faden was a fiery soul
his eyes would open and you would know
with his fire he did love
bigger than the sky could hold

in the morning he would comb his hair
clench his fists and punch the air
he could easily lose control
with fire you can shape gold

pearl and brandy soaked in the sun
he'd dance and holler all around
a mind for lovers a taste for thorn
easy eyes as black as coal

in the mirror he'd stare long and hard
pat his face with after shave
he came and went day after day
looking for a love he could name

She's a darling sweet desire
a burning fever blazing high
sweet it burns the story told
with fire you can shape gold
Track Name: Prince Of The Park
Run around in the wind you fly
twirling leaves up to the sky
you been dancing your whole life

down in the jungle sticks and stones
you rule the lions and you share the throne
you face the mountains all on your own

when the night comes
we're ready
when the storm thunders on
we all shine on
la la la
little prince of the park
and I call your name
and you come home again
through the dark

tin soldier with a loaded gun
on the ground fighting everyone
when the wave breaks out comes the sun

little devil in the waterfall
butterflies at the curtain call
Sweet Ruby you are a star

silver lining of a broken heart
your sails are moving past break of the wall
you got your guts all tied in a knot
sail away
Track Name: Rest Your Mind
you tell the world that you understand
there is nothing
you will ever know for sure
you will never know
you tell all your lovers
that you're sorry you couldn't be
you're sorry you couldn't be
you're sorry

so long farewell my dear friend
silver silence is a blessing again
don't even try to hide away your love
it's on the faces of everyone
i watch your hands
as they reach up for the sky
and i dream that they will find their way back to me
i dream that they'll find their way back to me

you'll find your way
in the shadows you will shine
in the shadows you'll shine
shine on

come rest your mind
in the colours of our love
in the colours of our love
rest your mind

so long farewell my dear friend
a love so blinding you just can't forget
you hold my hand in the dark as we walk
under the stars and you promise me that you
will always be.
tears stain my cheeks
and I fly away tonight
and I dream that I will find my way back to you
I dream that I'll find my way back to you
Track Name: Stargazer
lay down in the grass
the cold air becomes your breath
moving through the north
your clear skies become our light
your ship is out to sea
there's always a reason to believe
you told me to fight
you gave all the candles their light
you never let go
your dreams of fire and gold
dancing through the night
pretty bird singing in the sky
Track Name: The Little Review
one by one they all file into the street
take your hand and you show the them way
dressed up fine in their summer best
packed up little dreams for the road for the road

rivers running the sun is high above
running free on the forest floor
one by one meadows fill with flowers
running free and you show them the way

leave behind all these crumbling walls
leave behind all the sadness and sorrow
beaming hearts singing all through the streets
one by one little kings and little queens

precious wonders take you away
follow your heart let them take you away

imagine blue skies know no clouds
imagine sunlight in the heart of everyone
imagine stories your future can hold
packed up little dreams for the road for the road

one by one they all hold their heads high
take your hand and you show them the way
smiling wide as they walk through the streets
one by one little kings and little queens
Track Name: Little Piggy
in the bar in the bar i can see you from a far away baby
i can hear your voice growing louder as they say you’re crazy
they can’t handle i don’t think they can handle the state that we’re in
they walk by the hungry and the homeless state that we’re in

and they’re falling away from here destroying everything they need to be here

seven long days and he feels like he’s done it for nothing
he’s barely got food on the table and the bills they keep coming
but, he must try to smile no matter the toll that it takes
for his children will love him no matter the fuck ups he makes

he can't keep falling away from here
destroying everything he needs to be here

she was born in a place but she’ll never say it’s her own
so she empties her little piggy and then hits the road
maybe on the road she will go where no body knows
they all cover their ears and their eyes where no body knows

and she’s falling away from here
destroying everything she needs to be here
and we’re falling away from here
destroying everything we need to be here
where ever we fall, we fall with our tears

in the darkness when the night calls and the clouds go rolling by
lightening flashes and the thunder rattles your bones
and love is the way to your heart is the way to your dying heart
Track Name: Blooming Bounty
tall fields blooming bounty
carry miles of joy
stars falling all around you
light up the midnight sky

will we fall or stand together
will we sing as one
will we show a better life
for all those next to come
loving hearts will hold together
nothing falls apart

old trees reach the sky
up from the forest floor
telling stories to the young and loving
all that was before